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Last Updated 16th November 2015

Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, Bathurst NSW Australia.

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Just like us at Bathurst Observatory Research Facility

Bathurst Observatory Research Facility is an observatory site primarily for education, research and study, though we do offer general public viewing nights. 

Open Nights Star Tours.

Bookings essential for all tours. 

(All tours subject to weather)

Night Tours for Summer 2015 will be at 9:30 pm

Due to demand, I am now offering tours Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights

Scheduled Tour dates:- 

Tour Dates for November 

Wednesday the 18th to Saturday the 21st.


Tour Dates for December

Wednesday the 2nd to Saturday the 5th.

Wednesday the 9th to Saturday the 12th.

Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th.



Note the observatory is NOT available in the week around full Moon, as such not the 22nd to the 30th of November.

In addition to normal tours, midweek tours can be arranged (except Sundays) for groups of 10 or more. * There may be some research nights where tours are not available and these will be listed below.

* There are some midweek research nights planned.

 Tours Prices

For 2015, I have had to set admission prices. This is due to the observatory construction costs and no grants being forthcoming (funded from my own pocket). 

Costs : Adults $10 per person

        Children/ Concession $5.00 per person

(Note: we have NO credit card facilities)

Tour bookings and enquires, phone 02 6337 3988, or email using the link below.

How to find us? See Location description below!

Why "Open Nights"?

We used to do tours in the observatory dome. However, we found that the dome itself blocked out most of the night sky! Our visitors wanted to view through a telescope but be able to see and hear about the wonders of the night sky at the same time. We particularly had many visitors from urban areas wanting to see a nice dark country sky full of stars. The solution, set up the public telescope as nature wanted us to, on cleared ground next to the observatory, under the wonder of the Southern stars.

Our tours are conducted with the only guide with over ten years educational astronomy experience and with Bachelor of Education Honours Degree! Our guide is also an internationally recognised expert in the field of meteorites. 

Tours require bookings and are weather dependent. (We can't see stars through clouds!) Tour duration is about 1 hour, depending on time of year. 

We cater for all school astronomy and space excursions, as well as general public telescope tours of the night sky. Primarily we offer our open night tours to inspire everyone to look to the night night sky.


The Milky Way stretches overhead in this view taken at the Bathurst Observatory Research Facility. 

The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility (Research and Meteorite Related Enquires and Public Viewing Nights)

The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, located on the current site on Limekilns Road north east of Bathurst. At the research site, we study, comets, asteroids, variable stars, meteors and meteorites. For research related enquires phone (02) 6337 3988.

We also welcome any enquires or questions you may have on Astronomy, Space or meteorite related matters. You may also, by prior arrangement, book to come and view the meteorites and mineral and fossil display that we have at the research site.

Our facebook page is regularly updated, so have a look for the latest news and images from the observatory.

Other Tours

Don't forget smaller groups can arrange to view the meteorite and mineral display, just let me know when you book.

Solar Telescope Tours (Viewing the Sun)

On occasions, we are able to offer daytime telescope views of the sun. We have a special telescope that allows you to SAFELY view the sun. At present the availability of these tours will depend on three factors. 1, that I'm available on the day. 2, it is not cloudy. 3, that the sun has some active features. The third point is important, as sometimes the sun can be quiet and not as interesting to see. These tours will be about 15 minutes in duration and by gold coin donation. Bookings for a solar tour would be essential.


Firstly, we are nearly impossible to locate and a GPS doesn't help! Follow the directions carefully and remember to book.

Travelling from Sydney you enter Bathurst and on your right you will pass the Gold Panner motor inn with the big Gold panner man near the road.

Keep travelling and you get to a set of lights. Go straight through the lights and take the next right turn about 50 metres past the lights at View St (if you get to another set of lights, you missed the turn). (Note; due to ongoing road works, View St may not be available. In that case, continue to the first point you can turn right at the set of lights at Sofala Rd. Turn right at the Sofala Rd and follow until the roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout and follow the road until the end. Turn left and you are back on Limekilns road. The directions next paragraph can then be followed). Follow up View St until you get to the top. In front are the Kelso little shops. Turn right. You will pass Kelso High further along. Keep on driving along this road, you will follow this road for about 6km (Limekilns road). It becomes increasingly rural. The road will become an 80 zone then a 100 zone further along. The tar is a bit broken up and needs repair so be careful.

Once in the 100 zone on Limekilns Rd, you will eventually pass Koonong place on your left. Keep going straight, though our turn is now only a few hundred metres from Koonong. On your right, not far now is a big lime green sign saying Heritage Park. Turn right into this road, immediately passing two world war 1 guns and over the small dirt bridge.

Follow this road about 300 metres until you reach some gates with a dirt speed hump. There is a white sign on the right of these gates with Heritage Park etc on it. The gates may either be open or shut (we don't own these gates so have little control over them). If shut with a 'park closed today' sign on it, ignore the sign, and open the gates using the lever catch on the top where the two gates meet. Leave the gates open (though make sure you close them when you leave later that night). Follow the road for about 1.5 km, until you reach two old wagons either side of the road.  Our turnoff is a dirt road to the right, about 40 - 50 metres past the wagons, not far past the tree on your right! There is a white post with a sign 'Observatory' attached to it. THIS IS OUR TURN OFF! Turn right immediately past the white post and sign. Yes it is a dirt road.  If miss this turn you reach a building on your left or end up at the large car park.  Our dirt road goes up behind the buildings staying to the right of them. The soccer field is on your right, Basically you appear to be driving up one side of it! Follow this dirt road, past the house like building on your left and the road will sweep around the building. Continue up the road and I will be at the end of this road and pointing to where to park.

There are two maps below to help you. Remember bookings are essential and I will help with information about finding us when you book!


The Map above shows you how to get to the Cattle Drome.

When you arrive at the Heritage Park car park, follow the map below!



Our Details are as follows  

Bathurst Observatory Research Facility (Open Night Tours, Research and meteorite related enquires)

624 Rossmore Park, Limekilns Rd


Ph: 02 6337 3988 

Email Enquires:   info@Xbathurstobservatory.com.au       To get the email to work, See note below!

Note just cut and paste the above address into your email program and delete the X between the @ and the b of bathurst, to get the email address to work. We had to do this to cut out the spam we have been getting. This email is for any enquires. (It maybe a font issue, but some people are reporting problems when cutting and pasting the email. If that is the case, try typing it manually.)

Please respect our copyright on all pictures and information contained on our site. Permission to use any material can be easily sought by contacting us.




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